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Mallorca South East Coast

Cala d'Or - Mallorca South East Coast

Your holidays in Cala d’Or

Welcome to your social holidays in Cala d’Or!!!!

This is the blog and the social side of the Calador.costasur travel guide for your holidays in Cala d’Or. Our aim with this section is to complement the service provided by in the following areas:

Your holidays in Cala d’Or

1.-Information on Events  and day to day news the guide could not provide. The calador.costasur guide is an interesting shot on this holiday destination in Mallorca however we believed you should be informed on all the things that might happen and which were either not planned or we were not aware of when we wrote the guide. The guide is a long term view of Cala d’Or while this blog concentrate also in the short term view.

2.-Provide a format that would allow people to contribute and review the places they had been during their holidays in Cala d’Or. We understood that one of the ways people would like to participate was by explaining others how their experience was  like. That would provide businesses in Cala d’Or some feed back on how they were doing and would let other travellers get a more accurate view on the destination.

3.-Conect the guide to the social media platforms so that you can share the information about your holidays in cala d’or with your people. One of the things people like the most is to share the places and experiences they have had during their holidays in Mallorca. That something we wanted to accomplish with this blog.

4.-Provide you with the information that we felt could be useful to those reading the guide: Maps, videos, photos, routes,…Sometimes images and videos worth more than a thousand words. Well this is what we aim in this blog…

5.-Give my personal views on the destination during your holidays in Cala d’Or. I thought It would be good if I wrote my personal opinion on the places and events taking place in Cala d’Or. I might be wrong sometimes but at least you also get the view of somebody who has been in this place for quite a while…

I hope you like it!!!